Clients & praise


"Our company had the distinct pleasure of working with Bill Moyer. He delivered more than we could ever ask and our results achieved proved that using them was well worth it. You will not find a more dedicated and professional person" - Elliot Germony, PSI 

"Bill is able to communicate with his clients in a thoughtful, candid, and professional manner that achieves results. There's no question our law firm has benefited from his strategic approach that is built upon empathy, teamwork, and conflict resolution. Bill listens and offers perspectives that are tailored to help clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Bill; his techniques would benefit any business." - Ben De Leon, President of De Leon & Washburn

"I hired Bill to help me with management team development and culture change. Bill did a great job of connecting with the team at both the management level and the team level. He is very observant, cuts through the clutter and gets down to the root issues. We continue to work with Bill on specific development plans and I would highly recommend his work." - Tom Blair, CEO of Imagecraft Exhibits

"Bill is a brilliant, results-driven coach and business strategist. He has an innate ability to help people remove all obstacles to their best performance, and he understands human behavior better than anyone else I know. Expose him to your team and expect to see organizational improvement from A-Z." - Chuck Siegal, Legal Shield

"Bill is an extraordinary leader. He has a proven record of international success and is one of the finest coaches and mentors in North America." - Charles Kail